27я Международная Олимпиада по Информатике

Вс, 26 Июля - Вс, 2 августа, Алматы, Казахстан

Contest Environment

Update (July 2): contestant image and software list was updated to version 2, it now includes valgrind and kcachevalgrind.

Contestant Machines

Hardware specification:
Laptop: HP ProBook 450 G2, 15.6” (matte), 1920x1080
CPU: Intel Core i5-5200U, 2.20 GHz
User disk space: 100+ GB
Keyboard: built-in and external US-layout keyboard
Mouse: built-in trackpad and external USB mouse
Laptop's keyboard picture:
laptop keyboard

External keyboard picture:

laptop keyboard
External monitor will be provided by request. Please contact the organization as soon as possible for visually impaired contestants who need an external monitor.
All the contest machines will be installed to boot in Linux. In addition to the default list of packages provided by the distribution, the following packages will be installed:
Distribution: Ubuntu 15.04 (Vivid Vervet) Desktop (64 bit)
Web browsers:
Firefox, Google Chrome
Editors and IDEs:
Code::Blocks 13.12
Eclipse 3.8 with JDT and CDT plugins
Eclipse 4.4 with JDT and CDT plugins
Emacs 24.4.1
Geany 1.24.1
Gedit 3.10.4
gVim 7.4
Intellij IDEA 14 Community Edition
Joe 3.7
Kate 5.0
KWrite 5.0
KDevelop 4.7
Lazarus 1.2.4
Nano 2.2.6
NetBeans 8 with Java SE and C/C++ plugins
Scite 3.5.0
Sublime Text 3 (evaluation version)
Vim 7.4
Other software:
MidnightCommander 4.8.13
Compilers and interpreters:
FPC 2.6.4
GCC/G++ 4.9.2
Python 2.7
Python 3.4
Ruby 2.1
Java (Oracle JDK)
GDB 7.9
DDD 3.3.12
Valgrind 3.10.1
KCachegrind 0.7.4
Documentation for Pascal, C, C++, STL, Java
General rule for software versions:
- if there is a version of software in standard Ubuntu 15.04 repositories, use this version;
- if there is no such software in standard Ubuntu 15.04 repositories, use the latest available version from the official website.
It's possible that there will be minor updates to the software versions due to security reasons or because of bug fixes.
Contestant machine sample image for Oracle Virtualbox can be downloaded from here: https://yadi.sk/d/az7d_akIhcACa (5.65 GB, contestant password is 12345678). Note, that the real image that will be used on the contest can be slightly different.
For advanced users only: if you already have a clean Ubuntu 15.04 Desktop (64 bit) installation, you can use this script: http://olympiads.kz/files/ioi2015-installer-v2.sh to replicate the list of software on your machine. You need to change CONTESTANT_USERNAME variable to your username. In this case some manual software configuration will be needed (which is already done in the sample image).
If you need any other software that is not presented in the default Ubuntu 15.04 software list and in the list above, or you have any problems and suggestions for default software configuration or the image in general, please, let the host technical committee know (ioi2015kz@gmail.com). We will be happy to review you request and install the software or provide additional default configuration on the contestant machines, as long as it doesn't create problems for other software and does conform competition rules.
Republic Avenue, 34а, Astana
+7 7272 64 43 44
Международная олимпиада по информатике (IOI)
Международная олимпиада по информатике (IOI) — это ежегодное соревнование по информатике среди школьников. IOI впервые была проведена в 1989 году.